Posted by: Kate | February 2, 2010

Tree Sky

What must it be like, to not live with trees?

To be in concrete, where buildings dominate the sky?

Or to live on flat land where vision becomes blurred on the distant horizon?

I am a child of the trees –

the trees of the rain forest of the coast;

the giant cedars and towering fir trees,

the lacy hemlocks,

ever-green and ever watchful.

The trees fill my landscape, fill my dreamscape,

form the basic images of home.

I have hugged my share of trees,

hidden behind them, walked among them.

The trees make me feel at once a part of,

and apart from,

the natural world.


  1. beautiful kate.

  2. Beautiful. What a lovely way to end my day. From one tree-hugger to another.

  3. Lovely.

  4. Love this Kate! The feeling is mutual!

  5. My husband often says he prefers to live in places with more trees than people. He’ll love this post!

  6. Beautiful words. Beautiful sentiment. I feel the same way.

  7. this photo is stunning and your beautiful words are the perfect accompaniment!

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