Posted by: Kate | February 5, 2010

From the Photo Archives

Loveland Bay, May 2009

This was the view from our campsite just last spring (I’m taking the picture from the edge of the site). This trip was a good lesson in being flexible. We went out on the Friday of the long week-end, taking Bush Boy out of school so that we could hit the road early. We drove to every forestry site within an hour of this campground and they were all jam-packed FULL. We couldn’t believe it. We had made plans with our friends to meet at one of them, so were trying to find an area we could call from (cell phone reception in this area is spotty at best). We pulled into Loveland Bay (a provincial campground) as we knew the end of the lake had reception. We expected it to be packed up, and were going to tell our friends to just meet us out at Ralph River. We drove around the road to the lake, and the best site in the campground was still empty!! We pulled in and stayed put.

The campground of 28 sites didn’t fill completely in the end, although both group sites were full so it was busy. This site we were in was perfect, as it had a little stream beside it so we got this little bay in front all to ourselves. We think what happened is that, with economic times in our area being very tough (mills, forestry and mines shut down), people were camping at the rec sites where sometimes fees aren’t collected and they are usually cheaper when they are collected, rather than going to the provincial parks (although Loveland is still very cheap). Anyhow we were happy! We explored old roads, went fishing, and had a fabulous time enjoying this beautiful area.



  1. You’ve captured the serenity of this beautiful site. I’ll now use this as my desktop background when I need to relax for a moment. I see how you all had a fabulous time there.

  2. i remember this picture from when i first started following your blog.
    such a beautiful campsite… i’m a little green with envy over here!

  3. Hubby and I used to camp almost every weekend when we were young – in the 70’s. We haven’t been to the places you talk about in nearly (gulp) 35 years so it’s so fun to see your pics and read the familiar names. Ralph River, Buttle Lake, Quinsam, Stella Lake, Pye Lake, Bear Lake (hubby is reciting these to me). Great memories!

  4. such a lovely view in the midst of a cold winter day! thanks for sharing it!

  5. I think flexibility is key to any type of outdoor adventure…especially since you can’t always keep up with road/trail/campsite closures, spurts of human activity, or mother nature’s wrath (like forest fires in summer!). Glad to hear you persevered and found a site that looks like the perfect location!

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