Posted by: Kate | November 16, 2009

They Don’t Call It the Wet Coast for Nothing…

Last fall was very dry and cold, as was the winter. Then we had the most perfect summer, followed by a late start to fall. We were lulled into complacency. This month, the weather has hit back with a vengeance!

Over a three-day period we are expected to get as much rain as we might in an average month. The winds have been intense. Gutters are overflowing with all the branches and leaves and pine needles clogging them. Storm drains can’t handle the quantity of rain along with the high tides, and major road flooding occurs. The smaller bridges are flooded in some communities.

I refuse to complain. This is the wild, wet coast, after all, and this is typical weather for November. Our rain forest ecosystem has needed this badly. (Our reservoir system has been low for two years, and the rain so far this fall has already brought it up to normal levels.)

So this was our dark, wet, windy day yesterday.

rainy nove day1

rainy nive day2

“And the rain rain rain came down down down….”



  1. I loved your comment that we were “lulled into complacency.” Sums it up so very well.

  2. we’ve had an unseasonable november as well. when you’re done with all that rain you can send it down my way!

  3. While it may be dreary, I’m so glad you are getting some moisture…I remember how dry last year was for you guys! It appears to be shifting our way coming in as rain for the first few days and then snow. It’s that time of year!

  4. glug, glug, glug…….

  5. Power was out last night, woke up to a blinking alarm clock. Still crazy windy out there right now. We did not get the amount of rain you have had, but it still feel relentless.

    Becasue we have travel plans next week I check the 10 day forcast. You guessed it, rain, rain and more rain.

  6. Send us some rain too – we’ve had a rather dry fall. Though if you’d make it only rain at night I’d appreciate it.

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