Posted by: Kate | November 13, 2009

Friday Quote

And yet a doubt creeps in. I do not want to fight. I want, rather, to explore the world without prejudice, and to be allowed a measure of lenity in my dealings with that world. Sometimes I even long to take the coward’s way out and to live my life without benefit of any sort of agenda, relying simply on the kindness of others, whom I would reward, equally simply, with a more convivial version of myself.

-Anita Brookner “A Family Romance”

I love Anita Brookner’s writing. There is a slowness, a deliberateness, about her work that makes me feel content. It always takes me a few pages to get into a book of hers, but by the end I am again entranced by her story-telling and character development.

This particular quote is in response to feminist literature and research, and happens at the end of the book.



  1. Another author I’m not familiar with. Searched out some of her other books based on your comments and read some reviews. Added her to ‘the list’.

    I’m quite stuck on a book right now. I hate giving up and not finishing books but this one isn’t clicking with me…and instead of just giving in and moving on, I avoid reading. Which makes me feel incomplete.

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