Posted by: Kate | November 18, 2009

A Mender in the Midst

Yesterday Mr. Kate mentioned his slippers would fit better if the cuff was stitched together at the opening. Before I could even say I’d do them later in the evening, Bush Boy piped up that he’d fix them.

And he did. (See the white yarn, he sewed them up with that.)

Then he mentioned that his pants were ripped. “I can sew them, Mum.” I threaded the needle, and off he went.

(The smaller rip above was mended a month ago by me. He mended the big rip along the knee seam.)

Makes a mum proud. (And his dad, too.)



  1. good for bushboy!
    i’m sure he’ll find this skill handy many more times in life.
    i had to teach my brother how to sew on a button last christmas – and he’s 26 years old! but you can rest easy knowing it will be bushboy teaching people how to mend things!

  2. My oldest son resisted the simplest sewing tasks for years. He had a willing younger sister to do the work for him. A few months ago she said no and he had to learn to do it himself. A very useful skill indeed.

  3. I think this says a lot about Bushboy…and about bushboy’s parents! :)

  4. He’s a keeper! My dad taught high school for years and home economics was a graduation requirement. Except they called a few sections “Bachelor Survival.” Sounds like Bushboy is well on his way!

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