Posted by: Kate | April 15, 2008

Messy in Prose

Can I do a Messy Tuesday without pictures? Well, we shall see as I have no pictures today.

A quick survey of my living room / family room floors shows: the Oxford Dictionary (work and son’s homework); gardening magazines; vehicle transfer forms (sold our trailer this week-end); Lego double hauler; Giant Book of Cool Stuff (really cool stuff in there); empty Star Wars Lego box; shopping bag with today’s purchases; pile beside desk of sundry items; recipe books under the coffee table (trout for dinner);phone book; Children’s Illustrated Dictionary; orange and green construction paper (prototypes of a holster boy was making before bed); Meccano box and a made ferris wheel model; dog’s toys; empty plastic bowl (from boy’s snack of frozen green beans earlier).


My father always told me: ‘For a little person, Kate, you sure take up a lot of space.” Yup. If there is space, I will put it to use.

Happy messy, everyone!



  1. I’m very comfortable with mess. I never understood what all the fuss was from the neatniks.

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