Posted by: Kate | April 18, 2008

Books Update

Life is busy busy busy these days! Work deadlines and lots of extra events it seems right now. We have the school Fun Fair tonight and a market opening on Saturday and a play next week-end …. Good thing it’s still too cold for the garden or it would be very neglected right now!

Thought I would give a quick update on some of the reading going on around here.

Our son is devouring the original Hardy Boys series. He prefers stories about people, and good old-fashioned adventures. He is not into the comedic style, nor the current craze for all things supernatural or wizardry. So finding a good series for him to get into has been wonderful. If you can think of any other books in that line, please let us know! (Recent faves have included Rascal, Bruno and Boots series, Bridge to Terabithia, the author Andrew Clements.)

I have been reading many many craft books. In scrapbooking someone introduced me to the wonderful Ali Edwards, whose books and blog are helping me find the playful creativeness I am looking for in my scrapping. In knitting I am really enjoying Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac. Her writing is refreshing, and takes me back to a simpler, calmer time; a place I would like to be in my life. Her projects are also very inspiring. Another book which I am about to make a sweater from (the Branching Tree men’s sweater) is Norah Gaughan’s Knitting Nature. Again, very inspiring and way cool for a math geek. In other books, I am excited to have picked up another Annie Dillard book, For the Time Being. Her book, Teaching a Stone to Talk, was the cause of many entries in my quotes book.

{Do other people keep quotes books? I have done it for years and years. When a passage strikes me -whether for the turn of phrase,  the subject matter, or another reason – I write it in a little book I keep on hand. I love to look back at the book and see the words that have inspired me.}

What’s new on your book list?



  1. I keep a quote notebook too. Actually it’s kind of a catch-all, not just quotes, but all sorts of things I want to hang onto. It’s quite fun to read through it periodically.

  2. I do not keep a quote book, but I think it is a fantastic idea. I might just have to get one started.

    And speaking of wizzard books, I just finished the final Harry Potter book. I borrowed my stepson’s book 1 about 9 years ago and was hooked. I have put off reading the final book because I never wanted the story to end.

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