Posted by: Kate | December 31, 2017

Closing out 2017 and my Word for 2018

2017 was a year of wonder as well as a year of challenge. IMG_3696In November, my brother passed away from a drug overdose. He lead a difficult life and we had a struggling relationship. He hadn’t spoken to me for a number of years. Although I didn’t refuse to speak to him, I did refuse to see him in person or have him visit my family, which is what set off him not speaking to me. I don’t regret that decision – it was the right one for my family – but I do need still to let go of the tension we had. I haven’t thought how to forgive him yet for both recent and historic anguish, but I am working on it. Letting go is hard.

My mother was sick this year as well, and while she made a full recovery it was a scare as she spent time in the hospital. Our relationship is also changing, and keeping up with those changes can be difficult.

Bushboy is in his final year of high school. Not a moment too soon as far as he is concerned! This has meant planning and talking about options and lots of extra deadlines (Grad is so complicated these days). He also got his ‘N’ license this year and is happy with the old truck as his own now. Watching him turn into the man he is going to become has been an honour.IMG_3851I started to ride with Mr. Kate on his motorbike this year, and we are planning some trips for the new year. It is a wonderful way for us to share time together.IMG_0007We camped of course, and enjoyed our beautiful corner of Vancouver Island. Natural beauty always brings me joy.IMG_40522018 promises a lot of changes for our family, especially as Bushboy graduates and moves into the next phase of his life. Mr. Kate and I are also moving into a new phase with school no longer a part of our family dynamic. I also have some emotional issues, around my brother and the family I came from, that need to be put to rest. So my word for 2018?IMG_4105


I especially hope for peaceful transitions as we embark on these new chapters.


Happy New Year (I also hope to be more active here again, although I love Instagram I have missed writing longer posts).



  1. First, I hope that 2018 is not as challenging for you and your family as 2017. It does seem, with all that has happened, that choosing ‘peace’ as your word of focus is so appropriate. I wish you all the best in making peace with your past.

    Second, I love that you came back to this space. I too, love instagram but have been missing the blogging platform which allows more readily for longer posts. I will likely follow suit and post my word on my blog. I haven’t yet settled on it…letting my heart decide rather than my head.

    Happy New Year Kate…looking forward, as always, to seeing what 2018 holds for you and your family. ❤️

    • Thanks for this, Rachel. Bushboy did say to me it shouldn’t be too hard, as we’ve had 17 years of peace with just a short time of difficulty. Made me happy to know that was his perspective.

  2. Wishing you and your family a happy and peaceful 2018 x

    • Thanks Ros, and to you xo

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