Posted by: Kate | January 1, 2017

Word for 2017

People often think I am younger than I am. Some of that is good genetics, some of it is hair dye. But some of it is that I have a certain outlook on life.


I have been called innocent, conservative, “cute” and too nice. In reality I am none of those things (ok maybe cute sometimes, although as a short woman that word grates; and how can someone be too nice – it always seems like a not very positive thing when people say it though). I am reserved unless I know you well, and an introvert, but I think what those people see is that I have not lost my sense of wonder.


It is a conscious choice to be a romantic in this world. I’m a practical woman, yet I have always had a romantic, sentimental side. How can I not be when I am married to the man I have loved since I was 16? My parents thought, and still think, it odd, as they are not romantics. And many people see it as naive. But I prefer to think of it as not allowing myself to become jaded and cynical, states that are all too easy for someone of intelligence in this day and age.


So this year, I choose WONDER as my word. More than ever this year I will look for the amazing wonder that surrounds me. And considering where I live, I know it surrounds me daily. Many people around the world want to come to where I live because it is so filled with natural wonder.


I don’t want to apologize for finding wonder and beauty in small things, for being delighted with a well-turned sock heel (seriously – wondrous!) or for appreciating a well-written phrase. I will look for the good and the strong and the peace around me. I will fill my life with the wonder I see all around and I will not hesitate to share.



So my friends – what is your word for 2017?




  1. My word is “Complete”. I am enough. I need to get shit done. Just do it!

    • Nice one, Leanne. I’m sure we can all relate!

  2. My word for 2017 would be Exciting 😊

    • Great word!

  3. What a great choice for a word for 2017, Kate. I’m not choosing a word this year. Rather, since I turn 60 in February (gulp!), I’m currently thinking through what that means, and what I want the next decade to look like. I’m also debating whether or not to blog on that topic, much the same way I would blog about a chosen word for the year. Or whether this is the time to stop blogging.

    • Hi Kristie – some big thoughts there! Blogging is in a time of flux right now, I think, moving away from the personal story telling that so many of us started with. I’m still not sure how it will come together for me this year, but I have decided I’m not ready to give up on it.

  4. So many comments here. First, I hate the word cute and do not think it should be applied to anyone over the age of 12 (no matter what height you are!). When I see pictures of your smiling face (which does look young!), ‘cute’ is not the word that comes to mind. Beautiful. Content. Full of joy and wonder. Second…With that rant out of the way (!), I think this is perfect word for you. And I think it’s finding the wonder in the ‘little’ things that is the most important. I’m trying to do better here (cynical and jaded are very near and dear to me). And third… I have been thinking of my word and what keeps coming back to me is TRUST. It’s a big word and can mean a lot (particularly with our administration change and my lack of trust there) but to me this year it is ‘trust in me’. Something that needs a lot of work. I haven’t blogged it…I just don’t know right now where that space fits into my life. I’m so glad you are keeping your corner of the internet even if it may be evolving….I need a bit more time to see if I’m doing the same. I hope that 2017 is an amazing year for you Kate — looking forward to keeping in touch is whatever medium works best for our lives.

    • ‘Trust in me’ – I like that very much. Something I think a lot of people can relate to.
      My husband tells me he is allowed to call me cute because he’s my husband and he means it differently than other people do. I am skeptical.
      Happy New Year my friend!

  5. […] was a year of wonder as well as a year of challenge. In November, my brother passed away from a drug overdose. He lead a […]

  6. […] was a year of wonder as well as a year of challenge. In November, my brother passed away from a drug overdose. He lead a […]

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