Posted by: Kate | November 16, 2015

November Knitting

A certain 3.5 year old boy called me (via FaceTime of course) to ask a very serious question. Seems his current toque is not fitting so well after more than a year of wear, and he would like a new one. Blue if you please. What’s a girl to do but cast on immediately in the face of a request like that!?november knitting1

Of course, there is also Christmas knitting underway. First up a pair of socks for my mother. Just one now, as she will be away for Christmas so I can give her the second pair after the holidays.No idea what this yarn is, came in a bag of odds and ends. I think it has more acrylic in it than I would usually use as it is a little shiny, but at the same time I think it still has some wool as it isn’t squeaky like say Bernat Sox. The pattern is a simple one on paper, just two rows, yet it trips me up time and again. My fingers on autopilot are determined to put the yarn over after the knit 2 together, never mind that the pattern calls for a singly knit stitch in between.

november knitting2

My dishcloth stash has been seriously depleted this past year, and as I had built it up quite well the year before I didn’t realize how low it was getting. So those are also on the needles. Plain ones and patterned ones, usually one of each in matching colours for a gift set.

november knitting3

I’m feeling more productive than I have in a while, and it feels good to have the needles moving regularly again.



  1. Fall is definitely the best time to be a knitter. And there’s nothing better than having a special request for a handknit item, especially if it’s from a 3 1/2 year old!

    • It really made my day!

  2. loving that sock yarn/pattern combo! too bad it has a tricky stitch!

    i could never tell a three year old no if requested for a hat, or anything knitted, either!!

    • The thing about the socks is that a two row pattern shouldn’t be tricky!

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