Posted by: Kate | November 13, 2015

Fall Days

november 111The other day, at work, we watched from our office window as three big killer whales swam through the pass between our shore and Quadra Island. Later that same day Bushboy and I watched two large bald eagles swooping low and playing over the trees as we drove home from shopping. Just another day in this particular natural paradise. So normal that if you tell someone local the only reaction you get is “oh yeah” before they start talking about something else. Like, no big deal. 
november 112Fall has truly arrived, with frosty mornings and stormy nights followed by cold, bright days. Walking in it gives me an earache if I forget my ear warmer, which I did the day I took these photos. Just walking around my neighbourhood, not having to drive anywhere to get to this natural beauty.november 113Chika and I walked and listened and felt the peace. Simple, profound – an oxymoron that someone else might ignore. And so I tried, and I put myself in the moment and simply was.

november 114



  1. Ah, so beautiful, Kate! I enjoy the Fall but not the approaching winter snow!

    • Kim! When Bushboy and I saw the eagles he said “You should mention it on the blog for your friend who loves the eagles and never gets to see them.” And here you are!

  2. Such beautiful autumnal pictures. It’s been very blustery here on the eastern side of the UK , but still quite mild. I’ve not had to get my boots out yet or woolly scarves! Ros

    • We’ve had a few brisk days – enough to bring out the fingerless mitts. I generally wear my waterproof hikers year round, rather than boots. Too slippery around here I find!

  3. Wonderful pictures, Kate. I might have said “oh yeah” about the eagles, but not the three killer whales. :-)

    • It’s all about what we are accustomed to, right?

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