Posted by: Kate | December 31, 2014

Tidying Up

New Year’s Eve. I never quite know how to approach it. When Bushboy was young, we did the family things that were easy to find – free swimming, early night at the theatre, hanging out with other families with young kids. As he’s gotten older we’ve stuck to family mostly, hanging out together watching movies and finding something good to eat. I’m awkward in big event social settings, and we live in a small town where parties and gatherings are generally quite raucous. As an introvert I’m never quite settled at things like that. People think I’m stand-offish when I’m not really, I’m just uncertain as to whether I really want to be there. At 4pm on New Year’s Eve I’m still not sure what we are doing or where we’ll be. Mr. Kate is sweetly tolerant of my ways, especially as he is a much more comfortable socializing extrovert than me.

Time to clean up the remnants of 2014. First up, the last knitting projects. I managed to complete three pairs of socks and a hat. Other gifts were pulled from my knitting stash of goodies made throughout the year. I didn’t get a picture of  one of the pairs of socks, but here are the other two and the hat.

ed's socks

louise's hat1

mum's christmas socks brown

I have one more pair of socks on the needles, my Mum’s second pair – I’m on the second sock.

As to my word of the year. I knew, really, that choosing ORGANIZE as my word in 2014 was a stretch. In the end it wasn’t the right word for me. I am organized when I need to be, but trying to make it a focus in my life was like trying to keep Chika out of water. A bit hopeless! Lesson learned, and now I am ready to bid it good-bye and move on to my focus for 2015. I will be ready to write about it in a day or two, I think.

I wish you all a New Year’s Eve that brings you whatever you need, whether that be a big celebration or a quiet night at home. See you in the new year.


  1. great socks! i love the colors in your hat!
    here’s to another wonderful year!!

    • The person who received the hat loved the colours as well :)

  2. Aww, Happy New Year for 2015 to you & yours, too! Ours was low key, I could hear the fireworks when I was in bed reading. DH was asleep for hours :)

    I love the colours you’ve chosen for the socks you’ve done. I know whoever’s receiving them will be thrilled! I’ll peek into your Projects Page in Ravelry to find out more information re: colourway, etc. Great hat, too, great colour for a grey winter.

    • Hmm, guess I better go post them at Rav then ;-)

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