Posted by: Kate | January 2, 2015


As an introverted daydreamer, a poet, a writer, I spend a lot of time lost in my head. Whether buried in a book or worrying about things or composing essays, poems and stories, my mind can take me away from the here and now very quickly.

This year, my word is FOCUS. I want to bring some clarity and focus back into my life, in many areas. Focus on my home. Focus on my work. Focus on what is in front of me, instead of what is in my mind. Focus on what is going on around me, instead of the next chapter in my book. See the world in front of me, not the one created in my head.

I want to focus artistically. I was spoiled with a new camera this Christmas (another post) and I want to recapture the love I have of taking pictures and telling stories through the lens as well as with my words. I want to focus on my knitting again this year, as I was not very focused with it this year and didn’t get to a lot of projects I wanted to do.

I want to focus on my family. Bushboy is going to be 15 soon, and he is very much becoming his own person. I want to focus on being a part of that journey. Mr. Kate and I will celebrate 20 years of marriage this year, and I want to focus on the time we spend together as well, on what our relationship becomes as our son loosens his grip on our dedicated time.

So there you are. Focus. I feel good about this one, my friends. I’m looking forward to the year and the word and the adventure.

Any words this year for any of you? Feel free to share!


  1. Great word choice, Kate. I hope you post about it as the year goes by. I’m quite sure you’ve made a mistake though. It can’t be possible that Bushboy is turning 15!!

    • Well some days it seems like he’s going on 20, so I figure 15 is about right :) And yes, I do plan on posting about my word this year.

  2. wonderful word choice kate.
    i could do well with a bit more focus myself!

    • Thanks Melissa. I feel very connected to this word selection.

  3. Great word, Kate! Although I don’t see you as being unfocused. You’re doing so much, especially with BB & ! Mr. Kate. You’re a great Mom! We’ve looked at your pictures off some of your adventures, saw your beautiful knitting, your garden, and so on. Not to mention that you’re working & keeping up your wonderful blog.

    I think it’s a good word for the year. We can all learn to focus more. I know that I need to. You’ve given me something to think about. Ty.

    Wtg on getting a new camera! :)

    • Thanks Kim, you always have such kind words.

      The next post is all about the camera!

  4. OK — how did I miss this one (you commented on my post what your word was and I wondered why you hadn’t posted about it yet – doy)? I think this is a great word. It relates to ‘aware’…a word/concept I know is prominent in your life…except that it feels a bit more active and pointed perhaps. I know I’m going to really enjoy seeing how you use this word over 2015.

    • Clever, it does relate to aware.

  5. i always love checking in to see what your word choice of the year is- and it’s always to perfect and inspiring. lovely choice and here’s to a wonderfully fulfilling and focused year for you!

    • Thanks Claire! And happy new year to you.

  6. Kate, as an introvert myself, the first sentence about spending time in my head resonated. Although my New years is not Focus but similar, it is Return.

    • The word Return intrigues me, Laura. I knew a fellow introvert would understand the head space. Welcome.

      • Thanks Kate. Return for me this year is about reclaiming who I have been in the past. More attentive, being present, knowing I can do most anything once again.

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