Posted by: Kate | June 1, 2014

Knitting at the Fire

You know the good weather has arrived when I am knitting by the fire.

serpentine1This is Serpentine Mitts, which I have had in my pattern selections for ages. Kathy over at WIP sent me this delicious yarn last year. It is Piedmont Yarn’s Hand Dyed Yarn 100% superwash wool, colour way (I think) Oakland Wildsocks. It is the perfect shade of green for me, and this winter I realized I needed some new, stylish fingerless mitts. Viola! First one was finished last night at the fire, and second one is already a few inches in to the cuff.

The night was beautiful, and we enjoyed our backyard fire very much. Hopefully we get a few in before any fire ban, which I think will be early this summer as we have not had as much precipitation as usual and the weeks ahead look pretty dry and warm.

fireplace collage

Welcome June!



  1. fantastic kate! i wish i could have popped over to join you!!
    it was rainy here and lily had 4 ballet performances in 2 days, so not much opportunity for backyard knitting this weekend at my house!
    maybe next weekend! :)

    • One day we will sit around a fire together!

      Lily must be exhausted.

  2. I’ve never knit by a fire. How cozy.

    • I highly recommend it!

  3. Oh how lovely! There’s nothing so good as an outdoor fire and some knitting to be done! :-) Ros

  4. I love those mitts – the color and the cables! Beautiful. Summer has also arrived in Northern Michigan – I finally have tulips!

  5. I am envious of this scene and like Melissa, would love to be sitting there with you, knitting in hand. Waiting patiently for that day to come… ;)

    • It will, you know. One day we will make it happen.

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