Posted by: Kate | May 30, 2014

Why This is Home

There are things about living in a smaller resource city that don’t always thrill me. I don’t love this city the way I have loved others. But, we moved here for two specific reasons. One was cost of living. The other was access to the outdoors. I’ve said it before, this region provides more access to nature more readily than any other large community on this island.

Case in point. Last Sunday was dreary. Mr. Kate had hoped to go for a motorcycle ride but the weather was too dicey. So instead, on a whim (and a bit of convincing to get the teenager out of the house), he and Bushboy took themselves to the river to fly fish. The fact that they can do this in 11 minutes from our house, on a spur of the moment decision, is why we live here.





  1. wonderful!
    that is a lovely trout that bb caught! and the top photo is breathtaking!

    • So the trout is Mr. Kate’s :) And he took the top photo with his ipod, so yay Mr. Kate! ;-)

  2. Great pictures, and I’m sure lots of memories were made. This Sunday is quite the opposite of last Sunday. Have you taken advantage of the great weather to go out camping?

    • Well we were out the long week-end, but now are booked up until we head out the last week-end in June!

  3. Fabulous photos. My word, how BB is growing up. How wonderful to live so close to such a wonderful fly-fishing river. Ros

    • This is just one of about 6 fly fishing rivers they can choose from on any given day. All within 20 minutes of home.

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