Posted by: Kate | December 17, 2013

Luck, and Thanks

I received a parcel today, all the way from the middle of the Pacific. My delighted thanks to Kathy from Work In Progress for the beautiful green yarn and the wonderful book. I feel amazingly spoiled at such contest prizes!

Kathy's giftIsn’t this blog world an amazing space? I’ve made some true friends through this space, sort of like the pen pals of my youth I suppose.

On another note, we also got a Christmas parcel from my step-mom today. She lives on the same island, about 3 hours or so south of us. To put in to perspective the cost of mailing – the parcel from HAWAII cost about $10. It had to go on a plane, across a border and through two mail systems. The parcel from my step-mom, which may or may not have even left the island (I know letters now leave to get sorted and then come back, not sure about parcels) cost almost $17!! We are a small population in a very big geographical space, and higher mailing costs is one of the prices for that. I accept it, but it still astounds me at times!

Thanks again, Kathy!!!




  1. Isn’t it wonderful! What a nice early Christmas gift! I agree, ‘talking’ with people through blogs is like the penpals of my youth. I love it. I’m so happy to get to know you more & more! (love the green yarn!).

    • And you, Kim!

  2. kathy’s blogaversary giveaway was completely generous and amazing!! you scored some fabulous gifts!
    i too am so happy for the friends i have made in blogland! thank you kate for being one of them!!

    • Aw, you’re the best Melissa.

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