Posted by: Kate | September 19, 2013

Back to School

September means back to school for parents as well. For those of us who choose to get involved at an organized level, it means back to meetings and committees, volunteer activities and more. I have learned to guard my time, choosing judiciously where I want to put my energies. I am a big proponent of parents having input at an educational level, so I spend a lot of my time with district issues. I don’t do as much on the ground fund-raising, partly because I don’t believe in a public school system parents should be bearing the brunt of the extra costs. Playgrounds? Music books? Hmm. Parents are looked at as cash cows and yet rarely valued as equal partners.

So while Bushboy hits the books, I will hit the meeting circuit, giving my time to a cause I believe in – the education of the next generation. May they be more curious, learn to ask questions, learn to communicate their thoughts, and never run out of books!



  1. amen kate!
    i am involved in lily’s school as a member of their advisory council, i also do help out with their major fundraiser in the spring. lily’s school is a public school, but it’s a “choice” school so has different curriculum than the bulk of the district. they’re also a smaller school and the parents play a very important role in a lot of the decision making.

    • There are schools like that in Victoria, but not up here. The only difference with Bushboy’s school is it is a dual track, so there are both French Immersion and English language students there. It is actually a trilingual school, as the local First Nations’ language is spoken there as well.

  2. Wtg, Kate, schools so need your input. You are making a difference!

    • THanks!

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