Posted by: Kate | September 15, 2013

Eastern Vancouver Island Road Trip

The wonderful thing about living on an island is that so many things are nice and close. Yesterday we spent an afternoon going on an exploration of some of the communities and sites of Central Eastern Vancouver Island.

Our first stop was Deep Bay. The VIU Marine Research Station is there and it is open to the public. While it wasn’t super exciting for us as residents who already spend a lot of time exploring the shores, I can see that it would be a wonderful place for visitors to get up close with some of our marine life in a safe and guided environment. Discovering Deep Bay was nice, as we had never been down into that community before.

deep bay


Next up was the Big Qualicum Fish Hatchery. This is a federal facility, very similar to our Quinsam Hatchery. Fun to watch the fish coming in.

fish hatcheryWe stopped for lunch at the beach in Qualicum, at the ever pleasing Beach Hut. Poutine and burgers fit the bill!

Next stop was inland to Little Qualicum Falls. What a lovely place for a walk, and I think we may have to check out the campground next year!

little qualicum walk

little quinsam2

little quinsam6

little quinsam9


We rounded off the day with a stop in Coombs for ice cream.

What wonderful expeditions could you get up to in an afternoon? Try one soon!



  1. beautiful photos kate! thanks for letting us tag along with you on your trip!

    • Anytime! I’d let you tag along in person :)

  2. Beautiful beautiful pics, Kate! Thx for sharing. (I’m catching up on my email, etc. after being away for a few weeks. We drove to Alberta to visit family and then my DM flew here for a week’s visit. Needless to say, I’m pooped!).

    I want to remember the name of place in *Qualicum, at the ever pleasing Beach Hut*, in the event I’m there visiting my grandboys :) We all love burgers & poutine!!

    • Nice to see you back, Kim. Hope it was a good trip!

      The Beach Hut you can’t miss, as it is right along the water!

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