Posted by: Kate | September 11, 2013

Feature Photo: Hubert the Grey Cat

Why is it we have pets? It’s an odd thing in our busy lives that we still want to subject ourselves to litter boxes, constant vacuuming of fur, picking up the puke from a cat who thinks dog fur is candy, the cost of pet food and the thunder of feet up and over our bed at 2 in the morning. Plus there is the fight for the bed covers, the blocking of any open window with a furry body, and the demand for attention.

Yet, and yet, and yet.

Hubert in sunshine

Hubert, a grey cat.

Question answered.



  1. We love our cats – even with big vet bills and opinionated, obnoxious cats that want fed NOW.

    • Our last cat was one of those – feed me now or the claws are coming out!

  2. Ahhh yes the cat…. And the über happy dog(s).

    Have you watched the YouTube videos, Sad Cat Diary or Sad Dog Diary? They are priceless.

    Here’s the link for Sad cat diary.

    And the link for Sad dog diary.

    I hope the links work and give you and your guys a good laugh! :)

    • Great laugh – thank you! I had seen parts of the sad cat diary, but not the dog one as well. So funny.

      • I know right! I quite enjoy his voice and delivery! :)

  3. hubert is a handsome fella indeed!
    and his photo completely sums up why we have pets!

    • I know you understand :)

  4. Ha ha! All of those things ring true in my home too, although the culprit is in doggy form rather than cute cat. Despite all, I LOVE HIM TO BITS!!!!! Ros and Oscarx

    • Thanks Ros!

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