Posted by: Kate | May 13, 2013

Office Attire

I need some spring/summer clothes for the office, so thought I’d start by making myself a shrug. This is my own pattern, just a simple yarn over stitch staggered over an 8 row repeat. Bit of ribbing at either end, sewn together to make sleeves after knitting it as one big rectangle. The yarn is from my friend who is currently living in Korea, no label just a giant skein of yarn – I love the colours as it is four strands of turquoise-green-blue. Only took about a week to make up.

office shrug1

office shrug2



  1. What a great idea, Kate! My daughter-in-law was just saying on Mother’s Day how cold her office is in the summer once they turn on the A/C. I told her she needed to knit a shawl to keep at her desk, but this is a great idea too!

  2. fantastic kate! you did a wonderful job! it looks like it will be perfect to keep away those ac chills this summer!

  3. I love your creativity, Kate, this new shrug is beautiful! The colour, the design, and most of all, you look pleased with the result.

  4. Oh, that is nice. I don’t know if I’d have the nerve to wing a pattern for something like clothes….

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