Posted by: Kate | May 17, 2013

Feature Photo: Strawberry Promises

strawberry flower


The weeks and days seem to be zooming by, but we’re enjoying it! The garden is full of promise and excitement, including lots of strawberry flowers.

It’s the May long week-end here in Canada, officially known as Victoria Day week-end for Queen Victoria’s birthday, or the 2-4 week-end for the fact that her actual birthday is May 24 and the fact that 24 flats (as in 24 cans in a flat) of beer are often involved! For us this week-end is all about the outdoors. If you’re in Canada – have a great long week-end!!



  1. beautiful photo! enjoy your long weekend!

  2. Strawberry promises, those are promises one wants kept. Enjoy.

  3. Happy long weekend to you, too, Kate & family! The weather’s just right, not too hot, not too cold (+21C). A tad overcast today but tomorrow promises a sunny day.

    DH is thrilled there’s the Knox Hill Mountain Climb this weekend. It’s an annual May long weekend car race with folks from all over Western N. America, mostly BCers and Albertans. Today’s race had *only* one crash (he hit a tree at 110 mph), the guy’s ok, but his car is toast, not to mention the poor tree!

    I’m happy to stay home and water my flowers :)

  4. Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful long weekend, with some warm Spring sunshine! Ros

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