Posted by: Kate | May 5, 2013

April Health Check-in

April flew by, finally bringing warmer weather and sunnier skies. I only gave myself two challenges for the month, although both were big ones. As I spoke of during the month, I also concentrated on financial health, as it was tax time (April 30th is the Canadian deadline).

The garden. We are well underway in the garden! I got spring planting in early this year, and lots of things are already sprouting. If temperatures stay as high as they are this week (20 plus degrees C) I may not get much from the spring crops. The vegetable beds are all cleaned out and composted. The back flower bed is almost finished, side bed is done. Still have the herb garden to finish cleaning out, as well as the front beds. But all in all we got lots done this month.

Meal planning. Threw some new menu items into the mix this month, as well as being more organized. Now that the bbq is back in use, hoping to do some more grilling and healthy items outdoors as well. This will continue.

So there you have it. I was glad to have these as my focus, and both will certainly continue to be at the front of the list for this month. (That list is coming!)

pea seedlingthe peas are up




  1. well it seems that i am a month behind you – not with our taxes, we filed on time thank goodness – but with gardening! i think we are *finally* done with freak snowstorms and tiny bits of green are popping up all over the garden! hooray!!

    i feel whatever april intentions i had got buried in snow and forgotten! but now that the sun is out and things are greening up i am feeling the pull to get outside!

  2. congrats on accomplishing so much last month! Spring is usually a busy time. Our taxes are done & ‘maled’, ha ha. Thank God.

    Today I’m going to shop for Geraniums, red geraniums. It’s just not summer without them. Landlady has been planting all weekend, tomatoes, pretty pansies, mint, gerbura daisies, etc., etc. Is supposed to climb to +31C today!

    Enjoy our day!!

  3. Home grown vegetables and a grill. Deliciousness coming soon!

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