Posted by: Kate | May 7, 2013

May Health Challenge

Here we are in month five of the year. I’m still feeling like health was the right word for 2013, and still feel that there are lots of challenges left. So, what’s in store for this month?

1. Garden – this is full on for spring. Spring vegetables are up, but now I’m looking at how to keep the garden healthy through the long days of summer as well. Looking at mulches, my watering system, soil, etc. Putting lots of physical work into the rest of the garden as well this month.

2. Physical Health – I think one goal for this month is adding in more long walks or hikes. Mr. Kate is finished volleyball season so we are doing more good walks during the work week, but I would like to continue finding longer walks for Bushboy and I to do on week-ends (Mr. Kate works week-ends right now, having days off in the middle of the week). Another goal is to add in more resistance-style work – sit-ups and push-ups, more weights, etc.

3. Work Health – time to get more writing done. It’s been two years since I had an article published and I’ve been doing a lot of writing for my day job while doing editing contracts at home. I love editing, but I would like to get something ready for publication over the next month or so. Lots of article ideas floating around, need to get them down.

So there you have it. Longer days are here, and while being outside perhaps encourages the physical health, it also can encourage lazy days. So, I plan to stay focused with these challenges! What are you doing to stay healthy these days?



  1. honestly i’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that it’s the second week of may already! this year seems to be flying by!

    i always find your monthly health goals inspiring.

    thanks to your advice and the advice of one other local friend i’m leaving the majority of the flower gardens this year and just doing a small veggie patch. which may be light on the “patch” and more like a row of tomato plants :) only time will tell…
    my other goal this month is to get. out. side. everyday. i need to be walking or biking or doing something out of doors! for some reason i let the weather be my excuse this winter and became way too sedentary. gotta change that!

  2. Awesome write-up, Kate. You are indeed inspiring (I catch myself, my writing, grammar, etc., when I write to your blog, are we all like that?) (just wondering). I wish you the very best in your writing goals, looks to me like you’re already there! Is there a chance I could ask you to share the name of your published article? Ty.

    My health goals have kicked up a notch or two. I’m buying & eating more fruits&vegetables, i.e. big salads for lunch, etc.. I’m not buying cookies and/or chocolate as often.

    I bought my summer flowers, geranium, heather (1st time, hope it makes it) and 2 small strawberry plants. We’re still renting so I don’t have my own garden patch anymore, though landlady would love it if I planted something. She’s planted zucchini, tomatoes, peas, beans.

    The walking has dwindled a bit, I’m sorry to say. We’ve been having record temperatures these simmering, hot days, not that I’m complaining! As a result, I stay in more often. Does forgetting your sunglasses in the car count as exercise??

  3. It sounds like you’re making great progress on health and have reasonable goals for going further. I love the garden. Perhaps later this summer I can start our own. We are taking 1/2 -1 mile walks each day (more of the 1/2 mile lately!) and waiting to see when Wiggle is coming. Thanks for the update!

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