Posted by: Kate | August 20, 2012

Summer Knitting? Dishcloths, of Course!

For me cotton dishcloths are the fallback knitting of summer. Socks are good as well, but for pure easy portability and ‘drop-in-the-dirt’-ness, you can’t beat the dishcloth. I knit them on a short 4.5mm circular, and keep one with me at the campsite, the beach, the lake, or wherever else summer takes me. These two are the most recent, and were part of a 40th birthday gift package.

Pattern is The Official Pattern of Revenge of Dish Rag Tag Yarn is the usual, Bernat Handicrafter Cotton.

We are heading out on the road later this week, and I imagine there will be many more dishcloths knit, along with many many adventures to tell when we return (and maybe a few to post along the way)!



  1. hooray for dishcloths! they truly are the best knitting ever!!
    i like that pattern – it looks good and scrubby.
    have fun on your travels!

  2. Wonderful! Dishcloths are so great to work on while travelling! These 2 are perfect, nice bright colours sure to bring smiles. Happy trails!

  3. LOVE! Ros

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