Posted by: Kate | September 2, 2011

From the Photo Archives

Hemlock seedlings on a stump.

Walking in the forest we see lots of evidence of the natural cycle of life. One of our favourite things is nursery logs. These are logs (or stumps) of fallen trees that have begun to rot. The rotten wood becomes a bedding for various plants. This stump was on the trail walking to Upper Myra Falls. We loved how many hemlock seedlings were on it. As we walked we noticed a few more ‘hemlock nurseries’. There’s always something to see in the forest, if you keep your eyes open and keep looking around you for both the large and the small.



  1. When my kids were younger we used to do nature walks. We were always on the lookout for these types of things – the ones most people walk right by and don’t take time to note.

  2. amazing.
    it really is the perfect example of the natural life cycle.

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