Posted by: Kate | May 13, 2011

From the Photo Archives

Orange Sunflower Star, Summer 2009

Purple Sunflower Star, Summer 2009

Thought I would show you some other starfish we often find. These are found mostly out on the reefs around the area, at really low tides. They are apparently very fast-moving. We’ve never seen them in clusters, just as singles. They also come in a variety of colours, from the orange to purple and mottled colours in between those two. Their proper name is Pycnopodia helianthoides. We’ve never attempted to pick these ones up, they’re bigger than the other starfish and just look a little more awkward, so we leave them where they are!


  1. amazing!
    i don’t think i’d want to pick them up either… something about all those arms…

  2. Good plan, leave ’em where they are :) The top, bright orange sunflower starfish is incredible! You do live in a wonderful, magical world.

  3. I’ve never seem one with so many legs (arms?).

  4. I’m with Denisse. I’ve never seen such many-armed starfish.

  5. Wow…these are new to me as well. And what a brilliant orange. Mother Nature sure knows how to show off doesn’t she?

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