Posted by: Kate | May 16, 2011

Nature Walks Will Do For Us

While some families are at the soccer pitch on a Saturday afternoon, or shopping, or at family events, our little family of three (plus dog) likes to walk. We always find something new to discover, and even trails we walk regularly reveal new treasures with the passing of the seasons. Quinsam River trail is no exception.

There is something so right about being under those tall trees, something that gives us all a sense of belonging.

I was hanging back on this walk, with the camera in hand. I simply can’t resist the many sights along the path.

In the fall and winter the path is dominated by the ferns, but in spring many other plants push their way into the borders while the ferns are just getting ready to burst forth.

Of course, we are ever mindful of the rushing river near the trail, as the dog darts in and out of the shallows and the guys look for fish in the calmer spots. I loved watching the water rush over this rock.

These walks always leave us calmer, feeling more rejuvenated and connected, ready for the next item in our day. No malls for us, no frenzied soccer games. Just greenery, water, and a trail.



  1. These beautiful photos remind me of camping trips to Van. Island as a child. It is so, well, beautiful! It looks like you all enjoyed yourselves immensely, much much better than being a couch potato watching garbage on the tube.

  2. Wow is that gorgeous! It beats a soccer field anyday.

  3. I love those types of walks. Your walk looks beautiful, the tall trees are spectacular.

  4. beautiful pictures kate.
    thanks for taking us along on your family time.

  5. Your pictures made me feel peaceful, and also a little wistful. I miss the green of the coast.

  6. It looks like the perfect place to breathe, reflect, and just be. And if you are getting even close to the amount of rain we are, I bet that river is just gushing!

  7. a walk in the forest always feels rejuvenating for me – so glad to see it does the same for others. beautiful, peaceful photos.

  8. So beautiful! I just spent the morning hearing Richard Louv talk about his new book, The Nature Principle, and it’s perfectly illustrated by your photos!

  9. I love that spot too.

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