Posted by: Kate | March 7, 2011

A Skating Poem

Bushboy asked me to put this poem on the blog. He has been working on a poetry project for school, and wrote this as his free verse poem.

The Skating Pond

The crisp pearly white ice
crackles as you step onto it.
One push takes you sailing
across like a boat in a good
The sound of the skates
slicing the ice is so joyful
so alive.
The gliding sensation makes
you feel like a bird, you stop
and make a snow storm
you watch the figure skaters
skate and twirl so fluid so
majestic, like a swan flying
gracefully through the sky.




  1. This really makes me long to be on a skating pond.

  2. Great poem, Bushboy! You really capture the feeling.

  3. I have never seen a skating pond, and now I really want to find one.

    • Neither has Bushboy.

  4. Ah, BB recalls my many happy days skating on the pond. How old is he? He appears/writes at a much older style (for lack of a better word) than his young age. Keep ’em coming, BB! We love it!!

  5. Good poem Bushboy! I’ve just read your reply Kate (above) and it’s made me laugh! How can he write about it?

  6. the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    tell bushboy i am very impressed and that he should now call himself a poet as well as the in-numerous other titles and skills he possesses.

  7. ditto on what Melissa said…as I read, i couldn’t help thinking that his words and his style reminded me of someone in particular. I hope he enjoyed the process enough to keep writing as he gets older. Thanks for sharing!

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