Posted by: Kate | March 9, 2011

I’m Sick. Please Call Back.

I’m sick.
I hurt, my head aches, my chest explodes when I cough.
My sinuses are more stuffed than I thought was possible.
My ears are full of cotton and pressure,
My nose is raw.
I’m sick.
I tried to work but was so happy not to get emails.
I tried to clean and stalled at one round of the dryer.
My house is a mess.
My dog hates me.
I’m sick.
I can’t sleep, I can’t breathe, I’m just miserable.
Misery does not love company, I don’t care what ‘they’ say.
Call back another day.


This is  the worst cold I’ve had in years. Just a cold, but it surely does suck.



  1. Aww, you poor thing! Get well soon, dear Kate! Snuggle up in bed and stay there until you’re feeling better. We’ll still be here. xox

  2. Get better soon!

  3. Go back to bed and rest until better!

  4. Sorry to hear you are so sick. I prescribe an internet yarn shopping event to help you get well faster. It is my cure for the common cold. :-)

  5. Oh Dear! Back to bed, chicken soup, Downton Abbey.

  6. I think I had the same cold a few weeks ago. It will go away! Take it easy and sleep and knit and sleep and knit! – you get my drift!

  7. Poor you. Get better soon!

  8. : (

  9. Hope you’re feeling better today :)

  10. Hugs, Kate. Tea, rest, and some knitting when you feel like it.
    Spring is coming!

  11. Oh dear! So sorry you are not feeling well Kate. Hope you make a speedy recovery. Look after yourself. Ros

  12. awww, hope you feel better soon! boo to horrible head colds.

  13. only you would be sick and write a poem about it before collapsing back in bed.
    which is where i hope you are – get better soon dear friend!
    i’m sending you healing vibes.

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