Posted by: Kate | December 27, 2010

Christmas Boxes

It took a couple of days for Bush Boy’s eyes to alight on the boxes left over from the Christmas gifts. There were some big ones this year, and today he took full advantage.


See the hand up top?

The door had closed on him, with the leg not quite in yet.

Still a house, with more boxes added. It has been a van, a tank, and a house today.




  1. Awesome!

  2. A little boy’s imagination is a wonderful thing. For our daughter’s first Christmas (she was nearly 1) we bought her a doll. I was so excited about this doll and imagining all kinds of little scenarios. She was smitten, all right. With the box!

  3. So true – the boxes are usually more fun than the contents. That is especially true when you are a young boy with a good imagination.


  4. It appears BB has discovered more than a few ways to use boxes. Love it! (our imaginations are so much better than what’s ‘inside’ the box). Is this where “thinking outside the box” comes from?

  5. Love it!

  6. Hi, Kate! From one coast to another!

  7. oh this post fills me with joy!
    you have one awesome son.

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