Posted by: Kate | December 30, 2010

Well, It’s Consistent in Its Crazy, Unsettled Way

The weather continues to confuse us all. After the torrential rain and wind of the last eight days, we are now into stunning sunshine and freezing temperatures. Yesterday was windy and very cold when I walked the dog, but today was just cold as the wind has died down. We are having every possible permutation of winter weather within the last two weeks of 2010, it seems!

I met my mum and Bush Boy (he had been with her for a few days) at Salmon Point for a walk this afternoon. Now, Salmon Point is along the beach, and you usually are walking through old fields. It is a lovely nature walk. Today we discovered that, with all the rains of the last month, the fields were flooded, so you had to go around them via the Salmon Point Resort and beach. Not only had they flooded but, of course, as it has been really cold, they were frozen. So it looked like what was once field was a frozen lake. Cool.

Bush Boy soon discovered that if you threw rocks at the right angle they would bounce and reverberate along the ice, making the most amazing sounds (like birds was how my mum described it). As you can imagine, he spent most of his time throwing things onto the ice.


Note all the rocks on the ice -- all from Bush Boy.


(Don’t mind the blurry spots, my camera lens was wet and I didn’t realize it as I had my polarized sunglasses on so wasn’t really seeing the screen clearly.)

The ice around the edges of the ‘lake’ was really beautiful.

Beauty is all around us.



  1. gorgeous pictures, especially the last one.

    enjoy the final day of 2010 – what has your weather dished up for you today i wonder….

  2. Bush boy looks like he is having a wonderful time!

  3. Love this! Beauty is there when we look for it. I LOVE the ripply wavy effect in your last photo. Your mum’s right, the rocks do sound like birds. Who knew?

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