Posted by: Kate | April 6, 2010

Coaxing Spring

I’m trying to coax in spring with my knitting now, as the weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating. I have just finished another shawl in my 10 for 2010 challenge, this one is called Undine and I love it.

The yarn is Regia Hand-dye Effect, which I bought at Cumberland Village Yarn Shoppe. It is a sock yarn with a colour changing wool strand wrapped with a black nylon strand. The wool is quite soft in places, I’m not sure actually how I’d like it for making socks. But the colours are gorgeous!

The lace was just enough to keep me interested, yet knitted up quickly. Perfect for spring fever. Now come on spring sun!



  1. stunning kate. absolutely stunning.

    (and i like your new banner photo – it’s a great perspective and it makes me smile to think how many of those rocks lily would try to take home in her pockets!)

  2. Ooooh, gorgeous! Congrats on #4 – can’t wait to see #5. No pressure.

  3. Keep coaxing…we could use it down here too! Snow every day this week until today.

    Really pretty shawl…I think you made the right decision turning the sock yarn into a shawl! Love the detail of the last photo!

  4. Your new shawl is gorgeous, just gorgeous! Looks nice & airy, perfect for Spring. I hope you’ve rec’d some sun by now. I can picture you walking along the beach wearing this beautiful shawl. The colourway is so pretty, good idea using sock yarn!

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