Posted by: Kate | April 2, 2010

From the Photo Archives

Easter 2007, Gordon Bay

I’ve shown a picture from this trip before, of the wind damage at NitNat campground. We were camped at Gordon Bay campground, a provincial park campground. It was well run, no rowdies or partiers were allowed, the camp hosts got on any potential trouble makers right away.

This picture was one of the funnier moments — you see Bush Boy was not the only one taking pictures of the meat on the fire, Nadine’s husband was as well! I took pictures of both of them taking pictures of the meat and of each other. Pork steaks are one of our favourite meals out camping, and there was meat here for five of us. Looks good, hey (sorry if any of you are vegetarians….)!

This was easter week-end, so the easter bunny did make a special trip into the rain-soaked campground, and Bush Boy had himself a little egg hunt around the campsite in his pjs on Easter morning.

No camping this year, as Mr. Kate only has Sunday off, and frankly the weather is the pits. Happy Easter, everyone!



  1. well i am *not* a vegetarian and i think those steaks look fantastic!!

    happy easter to you!!

  2. Those steaks do look really scrummy. It’s been quite a cold Easter here in the UK, but warm enough and bright enough to go out walking. Ros

  3. If you are getting the weather we are, I can see why you aren’t too upset not to be camping this weekend. We’ve been talking about going next weekend to seriously de-stress but looks like we are in for more of the same!

    You camp in style Kate family!

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