Posted by: Kate | March 19, 2010

From the Photo Archives

Ralph River, summer 2009

Last year we got our favourite campsite in Ralph River. The campground itself is very big, with over 70 campsites to choose from. Each one offers something a little different — some are in the forest area, some are along the rushing river, and some are along the lake front. There are pros and cons to each as well, and we have sampled all the different areas. Some times the quiet ones up in the forest are nice, especially on hot days. The river ones get cool in the morning.

This campsite is a lakefront campsite, and it is one of the best ones. There is no overgrowth scrub in front to block the view, but it is not so open that the afternoon sun bakes it beyond coping. It is near the path to the swimming area, and not too far from the outhouses (but far enough). What makes it truly ideal, is the access to the lakefront area. We eat breakfast in the sun down in the grass, we can let Bush Boy go play as we can see him, we can take the dog down early in the morning, we can leave our boats (kayaks, pontoon boat) down at the lake, we can watch the moon rise over the mountains.

We often head out to the campground on a Monday, as that is when many people leave. You have to get there at about noon to snag one of these front sites in the summer, although the campground is never full these sites are always popular. We aren’t heartbroken if we don’t get a lakefront site, we have some other close favourites, but it is always a treat when the perfect site presents itself.



  1. Ah, this looks like pure heaven. I can almost feel the calm breeze on the water. btw- I tried to comment on your Supermodel dog pics, but got ‘error’ message twice. They were great pics! Your dog looks like HE’S in heaven!

  2. oh those greens!!! gorgeous!

  3. i agree with kim- this picture looks like heaven!

  4. Beautiful Kate…I can see why it’s a ‘choice’ spot!

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