Posted by: Kate | March 22, 2010

The Family That Plays Together…

We went skiing on Saturday. I have no pictures as I don’t ski with my camera, so you’ll have to trust me when I tell you it was stunningly beautiful up there. Our ski hill has the biggest snow base of any North American ski resort this year, and with the sun sparkling on the snow and the view of the Georgia Strait and Strathcona Park spanning our 360 degree look-out we were truly in paradise. Luckily the day was as good as the surroundings, and we had a blast.

Playing together is something our family really treasures. Whether that be playing Wii (we now have three remotes so that we can all play together), going for walks in the woods, skiing, camping, geocaching, or beach combing we take a lot of time to play as a family. It keeps us laughing, which makes those moments of daily frustration that busy family life leads to a little easier to deal with.

Do you take lots of time to play? I hope so!



  1. this is a great post kate – you’re right, family play time is oh-so important!

  2. My daughter bought a Game-Boy type toy for my grandson last xmas. He was hunched over this thing until his neck was sore, and completely isolated. She realized that this had been a mistake and fortunately it broke! We then chipped in to get a Wii for them and it has been great. The whole family can play, even little Johnny at 18 mos. swings the remote around like his big brother. I, who have always been hopeless at any sport, can even play and sometimes win! The whole family got a huge laugh at me bobsledding, bent in half with my butt in the air.

  3. We’ve been enjoying lots of board games lately.

  4. Um. You know the answer to that one. Holding on for a few more horrible weeks (until my pre-lims are done) and then I promise to play more. Good compromise? :)

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