Posted by: Kate | April 21, 2009

Fishing Flies

Bush Boy received a fly rod and a fly-making kit of paraphernalia from my dad last year. They were my dad’s, dug out of his basement and passed along. While fly fishing is not Bush Boy’s thing (try explaining the art of quiet and patience to someone whose body generally buzzes) it turns out tying flies is.

He has not got any books or anything, but he looks at all his dad’s flies, and looks at flies in the fishing stores and in the magazines. He figured out how to use the equipment and has been quite industriously making flies in his bedroom.

Who knows if the flies will ever catch a fish – they have yet to be tested – but the creative ingenuity involved sure makes me happy.




  1. They look really good for a beginner!
    My brother also got into tying flies when he was around the same age… although he also got into the art of standing quietly, patiently waiting for a fish to test out his most recent fly ;) He always came up with some really interesting flies and got a little to excited when he found a feather or the like was given to him.

    I hope the bush boy will have plenty of enjoyment out of his fly tying.

  2. Little works of art. How cool.

  3. Great!

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