Posted by: Kate | April 23, 2009

Green is Good

The peas and spinach that I planted earlier this month are up. The garden is exploding in green-ness (including those sneaky dandelions in the strawberry patch). The grass needs to be mowed (notice I don’t call it a lawn, it’s definitely not a lawn). 

Today I planted more seeds – two varieties of lettuce, pac choi and two more rows of shelling peas. All seeds have been purchased from my local garden centre, and are all my trusty West Coast seeds.

The only downside is we still have not received any decent amount of rain. With a forecast of dry weather for at least another ten days or so, that means remembering to water. I see some severe watering restrictions coming for summertime!

Another good green … our city is once again doing yard waste pick-up. You can put out an unlimited amount of yard waste (within certain parameters of course) and they will pick it up. The waste is delivered to a composting facility in the next town over, where they then sell the compost back to local residents. As I can’t compost all of my winter clean-up, and I don’t like to compost the dandelions and weeds out of the over-wintered veggie garden, I make full use of the yard waste program! It runs two months now and another 6 weeks in the fall.

Have you been planting yet?



  1. No planting here yet – I haven’t even uncovered my roses yet. Our frost date is Memorial Day – still a month away…

  2. Oh, I’m envious that you are planting. We can’t put much in the ground before about early June here. Except normally I’d have lettuce/spinach/onions in the ground now. But I’m leaving for a month mid-May to mid-June and so it seems sort of pointless to plant that stuff because I won’t be here to enjoy it (not to mention watering would be a problem). I do have garlic coming up beautifully (first time I’ve planted it) and rhubarb. And of course all my perennial herbs are starting to have some new growth. Hoping to get potatoes in the ground this weekend and then that will have to be it until I get back from the long field trip.

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