Posted by: Kate | March 3, 2009


I come to your shores to seek your treasure,quadra-mar092

My loyal companion at my side. chika-mar091

I know you have treasures here, in your hiding places. beach-logs-mar091

You have shiny glass baubles glass-mar091

And art works a plenty. wormwood-mar091

I promise not to harm them, just to look and marvel, sponge-mar091

I will not disrespect the guardians of your shore. seagulls-mar091


  1. those glass pebbels are just amazing are they bits of broken glass bottles? We dont seem to have them here on the shore anyway. Shame…las t time we went to the beach we walked around and I looked hard! no glass though! Love the driftwood too!

  2. Hi Krissie, I assume the glass is broken bottle bits. The most common is brown, although the green is easier to find when wet. The rarest is blue – we are always excited to find it! It seems that our very rocky shores are where I find it the most, as opposed to sandy beaches. Plus the winter is better, the storm waves seem to churn it up more. Maybe your waterways are cleaner :-) Our strait sees major boat traffic, so lots of bottles thrown overboard. Also lots left at the beach after beach fires/parties that then wash out to sea.

  3. Lovely!

  4. Wow.

  5. Beautiful.

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