Posted by: Kate | March 5, 2009

Clearing the Decks

I’ve been finishing up projects and clearing my craft to-do lists recently. In knitting I have finished a number of items, and am now working my way through some charity knitting to begin using up some of my odds and ends of yarn. I will be knitting both for Vancouver Island Community Knitters and also for a spring for babies KAL/CAL I came across. This will let me do some knitting for others and let me clean out some of the older yarns from my closet.

In my scrapbooking as well I am looking to clean out. I am trying to devise a way to use more of my supplies. I don’t hoard supplies, but I do tend to buy with more projects always in mind. The problem is I never get around to doing all the projects! So the amount of product I have is starting to bother me, and I want to use it up. One of the things I’m thinking of done is putting together packages of embellishments, etc and making a page around that. I’ve always worked from my pictures and stories, but when I do that I often forget to use what’s in my drawers. So my thinking is that if I start with some of these products that I really do like, I can make my page around them. I think I will have to literally make up little packages and then set them on my table so that I use them.

How about you? Do you have a threshold for your crafting items? Or is part of the pleasure for you having the items? Some people I know love to have shelves of paper, or fabric, or stamps. For me it gets too  overwhelming. I am generally project driven so I look at all that and see all the projects I had wanted to do! Once it creates clutter in my mind — then it’s a problem! (Ironic considering my general clutter threshold is very high.)


  1. lol, you must have had a sneak peek into my desk – the mess there has built up to whopping proportions – ie mountains of stash and paper. I actually work better in the mess than in tidy! but there is a limit….lol and I think I’m reaching mine too!!

  2. I have a pretty high tolerance for stash but, like you, the Undone starts to prey on my mind a little.

  3. I like to hoard beautiful fabric stuff. I like having it. At least, at the beginning. I am now overwhelmed with my yarn stash and am feeling that my fabric stash (which is much more reasonable) is getting too big. I always purchase yarn with a project in mind. Unfortunately, I only have two hands and 24 hours in each day. And, I need to sleep. Rats!! I really, really want to make all of the project I have in mind!! I am trying to reduce the number of projects on the needles so that I have more of a feeling of accomplishment. I just re-knit the feet on a pair of socks for my dad, finished a complicated shawl, finished easy socks for myself and nearly finished a boy’s sweater. I have returned to a sweater for myself, started last year. I need to finish that little boy’s sweater, however, before I get enmeshed in my own sweater otherwise the little boy recipient will be a big boy when the sweater is finished! So, I’ve reached my limit in stash and in projects on the needles. I’m trying, I really am. But, I started a scarf in a weak moment recently when staying at my mom’s house after her surgery…

  4. I went through a phase of hoarding such that my ‘stash’ of crafting supplies got built up…and of course every time I discover a new craft that I enjoy a lot, I tend to ‘build up’ an appropriate stash. But lately, I’ve been looking at what I have and I feel a bit gluttonous (even though my craft stash is definitely minor compared to some!)…and so haven’t bought much in the way of any sort of craft item (yarn or otherwise) outside of for gifts in quite some time. It makes me feel good to be working from what i have! And it makes me use my creativity more…to make something work from what I have on hand. It’s challenging but very rewarding.

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