Posted by: Kate | April 15, 2018

Letting Go

My brother’s 48th birthday would be this week. Instead we went to the woods and found a magical, peaceful spot to say our final goodbye.

Time has helped me gain some perspective. I am letting go of the childhood angst, the resentments, the anger. I am finding positive memories and moments of laughter.

The end of our journey as siblings was inevitable. I have no advice for anyone else in my shoes. I have no regrets in how I handled things, but I have sadness that we got there. I am so sad he was almost never content and he never found his truth.

Addiction is a symptom, and we will never know the root problem in his case. Countless rehab programs and childhood counsellors and support groups and he didn’t know either.

And so I breathe, and I close my eyes, and I let go.


  1. I’m glad you’ve been able to find some perspective as time has passed. The spot you chose to say a final goodbye looks like it was the perfect one for you. Surrounded by nature, standing next to giant trees and breathing in the scent of the forest.

    • Thanks Kristie. Never easy, but I think we found some peace.

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