Posted by: Kate | January 17, 2014

Looking Back at 2013

Before we get too far into 2014, I thought I’d look back a little at 2013 and some of my favourite things through the year.

Best Book Read: The book that stands out for me from the 65 or so novels that I read this year (love that the library keeps track of my books for me) was When The Emperor Was Divine, by Julie Otsuka. Beautiful, lyrical writing; a simple story told with emotion; about a topic not overly used in novels. A very very good book.

Best Camping Trip: That would be the week-long summer trip. Amazing weather (didn’t even put up a tarp!), good friends, good family time and lots of fun.

lower myra boys

Favourite Knit for Others: Definitely the little blue sweater for our favourite little guy. Knowing he got a lot of wear out of it made it even better.

E sweater

Favourite Knit for Myself: I think the green pullover. Love the yarn, the cable detail and I got a decent fit on it. Looking forward to making some more tops this year.

green sweater front

I’ve begun the new year reading voraciously, knitting for others but adding projects to my Ravelry queue for myself, planning the garden (oh how I love my West Coast Seeds catalogue that arrives in December) and dreaming of the camping trips to come.

I’d love to hear if you have any favourites from 2013, or any plans for 2014 you are excited about!



  1. oh i am loving this idea!!
    let me see… my favorite book i read last year was probably “snow child” by eowyn ivey.
    favorite thing i made?!?! that’s harder… off the top of my head i’d say, either the granny blanket i made for lily’s school’s fundraiser or the ripple i made for my friends’ wedding.

    • I’m adding that book to my list, thanks.
      I love your blankets.

  2. Another wonderful post, Kate! I still so want to read the book you recommend, *When The Emperor Was Divine*, by Julie Otsuka. The book I’m now reading is so good, Doris Lessing’s, *The Good Terrorist*. My younger sister gave it to me for Christmas. D. Lessing has written ALOT of books, so I should be happy for quite some time ;)

    I’m also reading *Seven Thousand Ways to Listen*, Mark Nepo. Fabulous book, another gift from my older sister!

    I’m still knitting away on the Ragdoll cat, my first commissioned piece! Though I’m going to give it to her, she’s been so kind & so patient :)

    • Thanks for the book titles. I’ve read Dorris Lessing books, may have even read one this year I’d have to check the list!

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