Posted by: Kate | June 18, 2012

Beaver Lodge

Most cities I’ve visited have a green trail space in, or just on the outskirts of, the downtown core. Our little city is no exception. The forested trail network is known as the Beaver Lodge Forest, and it is a wonderful place to go for a walk amongst the trees.


The main trail runs through the heart of the park, and is a good work-out if you just want a nice, smooth walk. We pass the most people on this trail. However, when we have the dog we like to get off the main trail and hit the side trails.


As you can see from the tracks in the mud on the trail, this is also a very popular biking area. We saw no one however, which meant the dog could run his heart out (and get most delightfully mucky) as we walked down the trail. It runs parallel to the main trail, so we loop at the end and walk back along the main trail. There we saw remains from the big wind storm back in March.


We also saw evidence of summer coming, even here in the damp forest. Salmon berries are colouring up along the trails, providing bright spots of colour in amongst the shades of green.


Do you have city green space near by? Do you visit it?



  1. You know I do! :-)

  2. Wow, gorgeous pics, Kate – thx for posting them. The forest looks so peaceful & quiet – big sigh – heaven!

  3. Yes and yes. Now I need to look up salmon berry.

  4. we do have green space all around us! that’s one of the benefits of where we live!
    although right now it’s so completely hot i’m hunkered down indoors trying to decide if it’s worth it to get in the car and drive for frozen yogurt!
    (the answer will undoubtedly be yes!)

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