Posted by: Kate | July 5, 2011

All in an Evening’s Walk

Went for a lovely walk once it cooled off a little this evening, as today was the hottest day we’ve had so far this summer. We did about an hour and a half loop, including time spent sitting at the beach just looking out at the water.

On our way down the hill to the water we spotted a mother deer and two babies cross the road and then realize they couldn’t go straight up the rock face and cross back. The mother and one baby went up while the other baby went down. We went closer for a look and startled the baby out of the bush , not intending to, and it went the wrong way — towards me.

It dashed back into the bushes below us and we quickly moved on so it could find its family.

Looking out over the water as we headed down the hill, we could see for miles.

Chika appreciated the stop at the beach.

On the way the boys stopped to look for salmon fry in one of the local spawning streams. These streams are looked after by volunteer organizations and stocked with hatchery fish, raised by various classes and groups. Bushboy’s class released salmon into this stream a little further up in the late spring.

A neighbourhood walk opens our eyes, our ears and our minds. We talk, observe, compare and exclaim. I can’t recommend them enough. What might you see in your neighbourhood?



  1. I must have caught you just as you posted this lovely note. I esp. loved the pic of the baby fawn, she/he is amazingly fragile & so pretty!! Nice of you all to scatter & give them their space :) The rest of your walk just kept on giving you some great sights & sounds. Love the ocean, always have, always will. It’s cool you stopped to check out the salmon fry (erm, why is it called a fry?).

    My neighborhood is beautiful. Since we’ve arrived over a year ago, I’m still “assimilating” and completely blown away by the beauty of the Okanagan. We live atop Knox Mountain, tho’ coming from Alberta & the Rockies, I don’t call these mountains. More like very large hills. Anyway, We thoroughly enjoy an amazing view of Okanagan Lake and the city of Kelowna. Watching the fireworks on Canada Day was a treat! It’s like I’m living in a postcard. Now the “tourists” have arrived, bringing along their ‘summer holidays joy’! Y’all should stop by for a visit!!

  2. Wow, I’m sure the baby was scared, but that is very cool. A nice summer’s walk.

  3. We are so lucky to have the woods and the lake so close!

  4. oh you live in such a magical land – running into baby deer on a walk! i’m so happy you were able to capture it on camera!

    and i love that picture of chicka! gorgeous!! and did i mention how you live in a magical land? :)

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