Posted by: Kate | January 13, 2011

Snow Day

These pictures were taken yesterday, when the snow was lovely and fresh. Today we had more snow early in the morning which eventually turned to mist,which has been out there all day. The snow is wet and slushy and not melting fast enough. Our city is not equipped to deal with it, and so walking anywhere is a nightmare, and you get very wet. It’s supposed to rain and warm up more, so this should melt quickly. We got a lot of snow in total.



  1. Your day looks identical to mine! lol. Could you please send BB over to help shovel? lol j/k

    Warmer weather is in the forecast, starting tomorrow!

  2. oh i love a good snowday!
    looks like bb had fun playing in the snow. and maybe after he shovels for kim he could come on down here? it seems we’re never done shoveling this year!
    i could pay him in cardboard boxes!

  3. Ah yes…the beauty before the mess! More reason to cherish those days of fresh snow!

  4. We had less than 5 cm. here at Point Holmes. I was watching the news Wednesday morning and all the schools were closed, which I thought was weird until I went into Comox (wearing shoes with cutouts in them – duh) and saw the piles of snow there. Courtenay had 35 cm.! It’s funny how there are little pockets that the weather misses. Lucky for us – no shovelling!

  5. oooh there’s nothing like the joy of a snow day! looks like bush boy enjoyed it to it’s fullest! hope you did too!

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