Posted by: Kate | October 28, 2009

It’s a New Boy

After two years and no desire to ever cut the hair, Bush Boy decided it was time. He asked me to take him to the hairdresser, he looked at the books and he told her exactly what he wanted. She was amazed by his detailed description and by how carefully he watched her. I wasn’t, and just laughed from my corner as he completely won her over. He is thrilled with his new look, and got lots of compliments at school this morning.

bush boy front

I’m happy that this was his decision. He obviously feels so good about it, and that was all I wanted. It’s his hair, and however he wants to style it is his choice. There were many factors in his decision; part of it was peer comments and part of it was simply being tired of all that weight on his head and hair falling in his face. He’s doing running club at school, and the hair was definitely bothering him while running.

bush boy back

I don’t know if he’ll ever grow it out again, he’s pretty enamoured of the whole short-hair look right now and how easy it was to wash and go this morning.

Mr. Kate thinks it’s great. I love it on him, especially the big smile that goes with it. But I have to admit that a little part of me wonders if I’ll ever see those perfect curls again….


  1. the new haircut looks great!

  2. It looks fabulous!

  3. Aw….you’re right, you might not see those curls again…’s a bit sad…

    My girls cut their hair last year and I didn’t realise that the curls they were cutting off were the last I’d ever see…their baby hair is all gone and now it’s grown back straight.

    But his looks great on him.

  4. Very handsome!

  5. I think he looks great.

  6. I actually like either way…he’s a cute kid with or without the curls (or is he old enough I should say handsome?) :) I’m thinking if you see the curls again, they may show up sometime in the teens! Maybe give some education on the 60’s when he gets a little older…that may bring back some long hair and curls! :)

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