Posted by: Kate | January 14, 2021

Mind Games

Fear and anxiety are so strange. They are generally a construct of our minds and yet can hold so much power.

Culturally we witness a society’s fear of change, most recently in the U.S. but throughout history and in every country there are examples of this fear.

In a community fear and anxiety can become a divisive factor, whether over politics, social causes, sports, spending or even basic human rights.

And within one person, anxiety and fear can cause poor decisions, a retreat from society, a negative sense of the world around and obsession.

The current times of massive political, societal and pandemic unrest are such breeding events for fear and anxiety, which then creates a loop of poor decisions and behaviours.

I haven’t got the answers by a long shot. I am no less susceptible to the fear and anxiety, to the looping in the mind of thoughts that help no one. To the inner worries that block outer joy.

I fortunately am not a depressed person by nature. I live surrounded by beauty and I have a healthy amount of hobbies. I have a partner who has my back. I have a way out of the web.

But what of those who don’t have the tools and advantages I do? How do they break the grip of fear and anxiety? How do we, as individuals, as communities, as a society, get past it?

I think it starts with one positive. Follow animal feeds on social media. Listen to music. Turn off the news (go right to the source if you want information eg I go to our Island Health and provincial Covid19 websites, or to the World Health Organization, for information). Breathe. Find a hobby or pick up a neglected one. Play with something considered childish… building blocks or crayons. Make a new recipe. Make yourself a mug cake. Hang out with a pet.

None of this will change the big issues. But if you change your focus those big issues become less overwhelming.

Welcome! I always like to hear what people think of a post, it often leads to a great discussion! I am now responding to comments and questions right in the comments themselves, so other people can follow the conversation.

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