Posted by: Kate | January 9, 2021

The Dark Days of Winter

Canada, as a northern country, not only has four distinct seasons of weather but also has very distinct seasons of light and dark. Our summers boast long days of bright light while our winters suffer through long periods of darkness. Here on the west coast that is compounded by our rainy season, where the short days are made darker by grey, soggy skies.

January in particular is bleak. The Christmas lights have come down, the sunrise isn’t until well after 8am, and it’s dark before dinner.

Add in days, if not weeks, on end of dreary weather, and it can all be a bit much.

This year there are no get aways to warmer climes, or even weekend shopping trips to the city for distraction. Instead, we are combatting the January blahs in whatever way we can.

New recipes, clearing closets, bringing light inside. Starting new hobbies, exploring colour.

And of course, as every true west coaster knows, you embrace it and simply get outside.

Warm rain gear helps.

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