Posted by: Kate | September 5, 2018

A Summer of Change

Bushboy both graduated and moved out (of both our house and our town) this summer, bringing much change to our household. Being a tight little unit of three, this has been a big adjustment for all of us. We were all ready for it logically and even emotionally, but still our spirits are adjusting to not being a daily unit of three.


My sciatic issues continue, so I have not ridden on the motorbike with Mr. Kate at all this summer other than one short ride to realize I wasn’t able to. This is disappointing for both of us, as we enjoyed that change and were looking forward to more riding and touring this year. IMG_5063

This is the first time in 13 years (and really 15 if we count preschool) that back to school doesn’t mean much to us. It is definitely making me a little nostalgic, especially for those early years when we would walk to school and home again after.IMG_5208

Life changes and how we face those changes, accept those changes and even embrace those changes are what determine the quality of the life we lead. I am determined to lead a good one.IMG_4018



  1. Oh my. Big changes for your family! Best wishes as you navigate this new arrangement, and best wishes to BushBoy!

    • Thanks Sarah. He’s doing well so far :) and so are we.

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