Posted by: Kate | June 3, 2018

On the Bike

If you’ve read a romance novel or two, watched any American road movie, or love the road, you know that North America has a thing for motorcycles. IMG_2624

Mr. Kate has been riding a motorcycle for about 10 years now, but I didn’t start riding with him until last year. I was never someone who felt the pull of a motorbike, never felt the desire to ride one. Bushboy loved the idea, so he rode with Mr. Kate for a number of years, until he started working and then got a bit big to ride tandem.32457510_781207095411325_1594953800634859520_n

I don’t feel the pull to ride my own bike (just as well, my legs are really short) but I do like being on the bike. One, I like being with my guy that way. It is different than being in the car – more connected, more in sync. Mr. Kate loves riding, and he loves sharing that with me. Two, it provides a different perspective on the trip. Being on the back of the bike I look to the side more, and notice what is passing me by. Three, it is a great conversation starter when you are on the road. When you arrive in your bike gear, people want to talk to you and ask about your travels (goes back to my opening point). 32332172_781207058744662_8388550632121827328_n

People don’t think of me as a biker chick, but I am embracing my inner biker mama just the same.IMG_2623

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