Posted by: Kate | March 26, 2018

March Knittings

I finished up the Boy Sweater this month, which felt great! This took longer than I intended, Christmas got in the way and then some socks for the same boy took precedence. I knew I’d be seeing Boy’s mom this month so that spurred me on to the finish line.

Photo 2018-03-17, 3 49 44 PM

The pattern was Half-Zip Pullover, from Bernat (now archived). I am a fan of Bernat sweaters – all the ones I have made have turned out well. The yarn was called Ringspun Loops and Threads, which I found on clearance at Michaels last fall. It is a cotton/acrylic blend (45% cotton) and the colour seemed to be suitable for a boy’s sweater, so I scooped it up. Of course, I did not stop to look at dye lots, which led to a hand slap to the forehead moment when I realized halfway through the first sleeve (after completing both body parts) that I had two dye lots. So the sleeves and collar are a different dye lot than the body.

Photo 2018-03-17, 3 49 16 PM

Zippers are the bane of many a knitter, but I managed to get it sewn in. The sweater reportedly fits and was well received by the five-year-old, so all ends well!

(As an aside, I made Bushboy that blanket under the sweater when he was 4. It has held up well!)


  1. Well done finishing this beautiful sweater! I can’t see a change of colour, the 2 different dye lots must be very close. I bet the little boy now declares it is his favourite sweater!

    • The colouring can be seen quite clearly in the right light, but most people wouldn’t realize it was different. I hope he likes it, I went for comfort!

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